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  • Energy Business

    The energy business is the process of making and selling energy efficiency products and services that help both ordinary people and commercial customers to reduce energy consumption by using less of an energy service.

    This also refers to energy conservation, building renewable energy sources from scratch, renewable energy applications for existing buildings, etc.

    Solar, hydroelectric, wind and biomass are treated as the most promising sources of renewable energy in South Africa.

    Business Model

    ●     Energy Conservation;

    ●     Energy Consultants;

    ●     Energy Efficiency - Products Commercial & Industrial;

    ●     Energy - Renewable.

    Tools & Equipment

    The easiest and most obvious source of renewable energy in our country is the Sun. In order to install solar panels for both private and corporate customers, you will have to purchase solar panels themselves, hacksaws, wire strippers, hole punch, angle finder, chalk line, nut drivers, wire strippers, tape measure, caulking gun, cordless drill, and other tools.


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