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  • Engraving Business

    Engraving business is the process of incising designs on a hard flat surface by means of cutting grooves or lasers.

    Engraving has been known since ancient times and now, as well as in the past, is heavily used for decoration and aesthetic purposes.

    Business Model

    ●     Laser engraving services;

    ●     Mobile engraving services;

    ●     Engraving equipment manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Engraving machines and supply business;

    ●     Custom engraving services.

    Tools & Equipment

    To offer engraving services, you will need hand tools, a printing press and mordants. This includes a drypoint, burin, rocker, scraper, burnisher and nitric acid or ferric chloride.

    Laser engraving seems to be more and more complicated process, but in fact, it is less time-consuming. For it, you will need a laser engraving cutting machine.


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