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  • Estate Agent Business

    Estate agent business is the process of connecting owners of properties with buyers and long-term or short-term tenants. This includes not only flats or houses but warehouses, distribution buildings and other types of industrial property.

    In South Africa, the industry standard of the average commission paid to South African sales agent varies from 5 to 7%.

    This business serves both sides of a trade.

    Business Model

    ●     Real estate agency business;

    ●     Real estate company franchise business;

    ●     Real estate brokerage training program;

    ●     Industrial property broker.

    Tools & Equipment

    If you decided to run this business solely, you will have to invest in yourself, more precisely, in your appearance in order to impress your future customers. This refers to buying a nice smartphone (preferably iPhone), driving a nice car (not necessarily the most expensive one), dressing up neatly.

    You’ll also have to master the art of communication, persuasion and learn how to advertise property (buying online ads, etc).


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