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  • Exhaust Business

    Exhaust business refers to running your own mufflers and exhaust systems retail business or commercial exhaust system installation service. Another option is manufacturing exhaust components and systems for motor vehicles.

    This is a B2B business because it serves other businesses, mainly motor vehicle manufacturers.

    Business Model

    ●     Exhaust components / Trucks;

    ●     Exhaust systems - Motor vehicle;

    ●     Exhaust systems - Motor vehicle manufacturers;

    ●     Exhaust ventilation.

    Tools & Equipment

    Exhaust systems manufacturing is a time and equipment consuming process. You will have to build your own automobile parts manufacturing company and establish strong connections with motor vehicle manufacturers.

    To run such a company, you will have to buy metal stamping pieces of equipment such as high-temperature clamps, hydraulic die retention cylinders and metal stamping tools, such as shot pin cylinders, frame clamps, toggle clamps, etc.

    You might also need some pieces of automotive equipment, such as stamping, thermoforming, welding, and other tools.


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