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  • Export Business

    Export business is the process of exporting goods and services produced in South Africa to other countries. This includes packing, wrapping, offering crafting services, consulting and doing all required paperwork.

    This business serves South Africa's domestic manufacturers and helps them to sell their products in other African countries and worldwide.

    Business Model

    ●     Export Agents;

    ●     Import & Export Agents &/or Traders;

    ●     Export Consultants;

    ●     Export Management;

    ●     Exporter Packing/Wrapping;

    ●     Packing & Crating Service;

    ●     Exporters.

    Tools & Equipment

    In most cases, running this business refers to communicating with other people and establishing connections with international customers. You will have to travel a lot, attend exhibitions, sign up contracts and promote other companies’ products and services. This doesn’t require any tools.

    On the other hand, if you decide to run a full-service export, handling, storage, transport company, you will have to rent or buy a warehouse, packing/wrapping equipment.


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