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  • Fasteners & Fastening Systems Business

    Fasteners and fastening systems business is the process of manufacturing and selling devices that close or secures something (like anchor bolts and other) that are used in construction and other branches of industry.

    It serves big construction and manufacturing companies that build small houses, humongous skyscrapers, produce cars, laptops, household appliances and thousands of other devices.

    Business Models

    ●     Sheet metal screws business;

    ●     Nuts and bolts manufacturing business;

    ●     Anchor bolts manufacturing business;

    ●     Machine screws business;

    ●     Hanger and shoulder bolts business;

    ●     Sex bolts business;

    ●     Blind rivets producing business.

    Equipment & Materials

    Manufacturing of fasteners involves buying expensive machinery for wire drawing, forming, threading, heating, shaping and finally packaging and shipping.
    Raw material for manufacturing fasteners is carbon steel rods, stainless steel rods, non-ferrous metal wire.


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