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  • Felt Business

    Felt business is the process of mating and pressing fibres together which results in textile material known as felt. There are two types of felt: natural felt that is made of wool or animal fur, or synthetic. The last option is getting more popular nowadays.

    Felt is commonly used in musical instruments, arts and crafts, fashion. It also has some industrial uses.

    In general, this business serves other manufacturers, so this is a B2B business.

    Business Model

    ●     Felt supply business;

    ●     Felt bags factory business;

    ●     Felt import and export business;

    ●     Felt products manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Felt oil seals business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Felt manufacturing process requires felt and non-woven fabric making machinery and raw materials. This refers to the flat baling machine, warping machine, milling machines, carbon fibre manufacturing and feltscaping equipment and others.


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