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  • Fence & Fencing Business

    Fence and fencing business is the process of building a wire or netting structure enclosing a particular area.

    A fence is not the same as a wall because it doesn’t have a solid foundation. A fencing company serves zoos, prisons, railway lines, open-air areas and other businesses.

    Business Model

    ●     Fence installation and repair business;

    ●     Vinyl fences installation and repair business;

    ●     Aluminum fences services business;

    ●     Fencing industry supply business;

    ●     Decorative fencing services business;

    ●     Industrial and security fencing business.

    Tools & Equipment

    The most popular fencing materials are wood and metal. The list of fencing installer’s tools includes a lump hammer, mattock, post hole digger, sledgehammer, power mixer.

    You’ll also need a vehicle and several workers.


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