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  • Figurine Business

    Figurine business is the process of making and selling small statues representing humans, animals, buildings or other objects.

    This business serves designers, home decorators, collectors, tourists and other people.

    Business Model

    ●     3D scan to 3D print figurine business;

    ●     3D printed figurines business;

    ●     Custom figurine business;

    ●     Figurine manufacture and wholesale business.

    Tools & Equipment

    There are two fundamentally different ways of making figurines. You can do it yourself, for this, you’ll need clay, wood, metal, glass, resin, plastic, porcelain and hand tools such as a cutting tool, picking tool, curved edge tool, rolling pin, big blade, aluminium ware, scalpel, clay shaper, ball stylus and others.

    Another approach implies buying a computer, monitor, software for designing 3D models and 3D printer for large scale printing.


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