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  • Fireplace Business

    Fireplace business refers to manufacturing, selling and installing fireplaces made of stone, brick or other material whose main function is to contain a fire. This also refers to manufacturing, selling and installing artificial (fake) fireplaces that don’t give off heat.

    This business serves mainly those who live in private houses, even though some of the flat residents also tend to install fake fireplaces in their dwellings.

    Business Model

    ●     Fireplace utensils business;

    ●     Fireplace installation services;

    ●     Fireplaces and accessories manufacture and wholesale business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To run a fireplace installation business, you’ll have to hire workers and provide them with working cloth and special fireplace installation tools. They are a super winch, demolition hammer, grooving chisel, cold chisel, drill bit, tap con drill bit, carbide triple core, drill bit for hammer drive. As an addition, after the installation is completed, you can offer a fireplace tool set.


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