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  • First Aid Business

    First aid business is the process of running your own training centre and teaching how to give assistance to a person suffering from an injury or illness to prevent them from worsening and save their life.

    This business serves future doctors, nurses as well as ordinary people who want to know how to save their loved ones’ or other people’s life when something unexpected happens.

    Business Model

    ●     First aid supplies manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     First aid training business;

    ●     First aid and/or medical services;

    ●     In-home private first aid lessons business;

    ●     First aid, fire and safety training.

    Tools & Equipment

    To run this business, you will have to start a training centre and buy first aid kits, tables, chairs, projectors, dressing packs, plastic packs, hire lecturers - both acting doctors, nurses.


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