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  • Food Drying Business / Food Dehydrating / Desiccated Food Business

    Food drying business / fooddehydrating / desiccated food business refers to manufacturing and wholesaling dried fruit, vegetable, growing, harvesting and drying various herbs, etc.

    This business serves cafes, restaurants, hotels as well as ordinary customers.

    Business Model

    ●     Food drying business;

    ●     Food dehydrating business;

    ●     Desiccated food business;

    ●     Dried product processors and packers business;

    ●     Dried vegetable crisps business;

    Tools & Equipment

    The only device you need to run this business is a fruit dryer machine for home. But if you think big, you might consider buying several electric dehydrators, commercial ovens with thermometers, flash drying system, dehumidifier for deep drying, continuous vacuum belt dryer, mixing and fluid bed granulator, vertical paddle dryer, conical screw dryer, etc.


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