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  • Food Business

    Food business refers to manufacturing food products, wholesaling, running a food repair shop, manufacturing food chemicals, food processing machinery, offering waste disposal and recycling services, etc.

    There are different ways to start this business. In one case, you can run a B2B business (such as food chemicals manufacturing and wholesaling) or client-oriented business (such as a frozen food store).

    Business Model

    ●     Food and beverage services;

    ●     Food brokers;

    ●     Food canners and packers;

    ●     Food chemicals;

    ●     Food colours;

    ●     Food emulsifiers and stabilisers;

    ●     Food manufacturers and distributors;

    ●     Food facilities consultants;

    ●     Food ingredients;

    ●     Food chemicals;

    ●     Food manufacturers and distributors;

    ●     Food packaging materials;

    ●     Food processing machinery;

    ●     Food processors - infants;

    ●     Food manufacturers and distributors;

    ●     Food waste disposal;

    ●     Food waste recycling;

    ●     Frozen foods;

    ●     Delicatessens;

    ●     Takeaway foods;

    ●     Food comfort products.

    Tools & Equipment

    To run a food distribution business you will have to establish connections with both manufacturers and wholesale buyers. This requires obtaining a license.

    For transportation, you’ll need vehicles, fleet management software, drivers, refrigerators, freezers if needed, and other tools.


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