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  • Foundry Business

    Foundry business refers to running a factory that produces metal castings. Metals are cast into shapes by melting them into a liquid, pouring the metal into a mold, and removing the mold material after the metal has solidified as it cools.

    This is a B2B business, it serves other companies which design various metal items needed for their products.

    Business Model

    ●     Foundry equipment and supplies manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Semiconductor fabrication plant business;

    ●     Engineering and metalworking business;

    ●     Custom metal fabrication works business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Running a foundry business requires starting a big factory and hiring lots of workers. You will need plenty of money to get started.

    When it comes to equipment, you will need metal casting equipment, melting, pouring and heat treatment tools and other expensive machinery.


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