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  • Fragrance Business

    Fragrance business refers to starting your own company manufacturing fragrances, toiletry, deodorants, colognes and other types of perfumes for adults, children as well as animals (dogs, cats).

    This business is a part of the cosmetics industry and serves people who take care of themselves as well as owners of different pets.

    Business Model

    ●     Fragrance compounds and aroma chemical business;

    ●     Flavour and fragrance compounds manufacture and supply business;

    ●     Fragrance oil business;

    ●     Designer fragrance business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Even though some modern fragrances are animal products, in most cases to start this business, you will have to build a fragrance laboratory which in fact is a chemical laboratory. For this, you will need a storage tank, scrubber, filter, rotary vacuum drier, ribbon blender, distillation column, autoclave, chimney as well as tubes, digital scales and balances, safety equipment and other glassware, plasticware.


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