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  • Frosted Glass Business

    Frosted glass business refers to manufacturing and wholesaling frosted glass which is typically made by acid etching or sandblasting of clear glass.

    Frosted glass is used for decoration purposes (in the interior design, to make light bulbs), at home (in the kitchen, in the bathroom, to make doors). It is also widely used by other businesses (for example, manufacturers or cars).

    Business Model

    ●     Glass frosting business;

    ●     Frosted glass;

    ●     Glass sandblasting / Decorative sandblasting;

    ●     Frosted glass vinyl (look);

    ●     Glass and bottle frosting - sandblasting - decorative;

    ●     Frosted glass window, frosted glass panels, frosted glass bathroom business.

    Tools & Equipment

    For making frosted glass, you will need:

    a)    Clear sheets of glass;

    b)    Acids for acid etching;

    c)    Machinery for sandblasting (glass polishing machine, glass cutting machine, frosted sand washing machine, etc)/


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