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  • Furniture Business

    Furniture business refers to manufacture, wholesale and flipping movable objects such as tables, chairs, beds and other stuff intended to support various human activities (working, seating, sleeping). There are hundreds of furniture objects, but the most common and profitable to make are the ones we’re using in our everyday lives.

    This business serves both rich people looking for another luxury chair, and poor ones who need a simple stool.

    Business Models

    ●     Furniture manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Custom design furniture business;

    ●     Luxury furniture manufacture and wholesale;

    ●     Fully functioning woodwork shop business;

    ●     Furniture out of cardboard business;

    ●     Cast Aluminum furniture and wholesale.

    Equipment & Materials

    You will have to buy various tools to make furniture. Some of them are power jointer, thickness planer, hand saws, jigsaws, measures, pencils, knives, etc. In most instances furniture is made of wood or Aluminum.


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