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  • Game Meat Business

    Game meat business is the process of running your own game farm for the purpose of game meat production. This also refers to becoming a game meat dealer, manufacturing and wholesaling venison and other game meat.

    In most cases, this business serves other businesses. It provides cafes, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets with game meat.

    Also, South Africa is known as a major game meat exporter, so there is a place for another company producing and exporting game meat to other countries.

    Business Model

    ●     Game meat processing business;

    ●     Game meat supply business;

    ●     Game meat company franchise business;

    ●     Wild meat and game online shop;

    ●     Exotic meats and game business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a game meat processing business, you will have to establish connections game meat suppliers, buy a refrigerator truck, refrigerators and other pieces of meat processing equipment. Some of them are meat slicers, meat grinders, chamber vacuum sealers, sausage stuffer, meat mixer, rapid patty maker, vacuum tumbler, tenderizer and other.


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