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  • Garage Business (Residential)

    Garage business (residential) is the process of manufacturing, wholesaling and installation garage doors, gate operating devices, prefabricated garages and others.

    This is a B2C business, which means it serves ordinary people, residential customers living in private areas who have a house and garage.

    Business Model

    ●     Garage doors;

    ●     Door and gate operating devices;

    ●     Garage equipment - repairs, installation and maintenance;

    ●     Garage equipment and supplies;

    ●     Prefabricated garages.

    Tools & Equipment

    There are different types of doors out there - made of steel, Aluminum, wood. You need different equipment to make them. If you decide to manufacture Aluminum garage doors, you will need saw, saw blades, drill and drill bits, temporary fasteners, crown cutters, countersink tools, extensions, pneumatic rivet guns, spare blades for deburring tool and others.


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