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  • Gas Appliance Business

    Gas appliance business is the process of manufacturing, selling, maintaining and repairing various appliances that use natural gas or other gas for cooking, water heating or space heating.

    This business serves residential customers who need a gas stove or gas boiler for home use as well as residential customers who need industrial boilers for heating large areas.

    Business Model

    ●     Gas appliances business;

    ●     Gas appliances maintenance and repair service business;

    ●     Gas refrigerators and freezers business;

    ●     Gas geysers business;

    Tools & Equipment

    The easiest way to start a gas appliance business is to open a retail store. In this case, you will need a room and warehouse. Some pieces of equipment needed are shelves, four-way pallets, pallet jacks, truck restraints and others.

    Also, your customers might be interested in installation services. For this, you will have to buy gas installation kits and hire a person who is qualified to issue gas compliance certificates.


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