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  • Gasket Business

    Gasket business is the process of manufacturing and selling stock and custom mechanical seals which are designed to fill the space between several mating surfaces with the aim of preventing leakage.

    They are commonly used by plumbers, electricians, constructors, gas specialists and other professionals.

    Business Model

    ●     Custom gasket manufacturing business;

    ●     Car engine gaskets and seals business;

    ●     Car and truck full set gaskets business;

    ●     Head gasket sets business;

    ●     Gasket manufacture and wholesale business;

    ●     Gaskets, seals and sealants retail store business;

    ●     Gasket installation business.

    Tools & Equipment

    In most cases, gaskets are made from rubber, silicone, felt, fibreglass and other synthetic materials. Gasket manufacturing requires buying an all-in-one gasket making machine.

    For gasket installation, you will need a torque wrench, gap tools, drift pins, flange spreaders, sharpie.


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