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  • Gem Business

    Gem business is the process of manufacturing and wholesaling gemstones, running a gemstone shop, offering gem cutting and other services.

    In South Africa, the list of most found gemstones is headed by ruby (most demanded gemstone in the world), zircon, tanzanite, tsavorite garnet and topaz.

    This business serves jewellers, investors and lovers of shiny and expensive stuff. It also serves other businesses decorating their products with gemstones.

    Business Model

    ●     Gemstone tool distributors and manufacturers;

    ●     Gem cutters, setters and dealers;

    ●     Gems and jewellery enterprise business;

    ●     Precious gems and stones online shop business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting a successful precious gems and stones shop (whether online or offline) requires building a secured and insured vault. You will have to find a place in a rich district, hire nice-looking workers, establish connections with suppliers and buy secure safes, bulletproof windows and glass.


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