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  • Golf Business

    Golf business refers to manufacturing golf cars, gold clothing, running a golf tuition service, selling golf online courses, etc.

    This business serves everyone who is passionate about this game. In South Africa, as well as worldwide, golf is popular mainly among rich people.

    Business Model

    ●     Golf cars;

    ●     Golf clothing;

    ●     Golf promotions;

    ●     Golf course design and construction;

    ●     Golf courses;

    ●     Miniature and putt golf courses;

    ●     Golf equipment manufacturers and distributors;

    ●     Golf equipment - retail;

    ●     Golf professionals;

    ●     Golf promotions;

    ●     Golf tuition;

    ●     Sports tuition;

    ●     Golf driving ranges.

    Tools & Equipment

    Starting your own golf club requires plenty of money for buying a large piece of land. Instead, you can start your own golf clothing brand. For this, you will have to build a factory and buy sewing machines, overlock machines, awls, local iron, measuring tapes, pointers, pressing machine with vacuum table and others.


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