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  • Gunite Business

    Gunite business refers to manufacturing gunite also known as shotcrete or sprayed concrete and in fact, is a mixture of concrete with sand and water which is conveyed through a special hose on a processed surface. Not only does it take to produce gunite, but it also has to be used immediately.

    In this way, this business serves the construction companies and is an integral part of building tunnels, underground crossings, subway tunnels, swimming pools and other.

    Business Model

    ●     Gunite contracting business;

    ●     Gunite and shotcrete services business;

    ●     Shotcrete;

    ●     Gunite construction company business;

    ●     Gunite equipment rental business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To run a gunite business, you will have to purchase concrete mixers, concrete mixer tracks and special equipment. This refers to concrete pumps, hoppers, delivery pipes, delivery hoses and others.

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