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  • Gunsmith Business

    Gunsmith business refers to repairing, modifying, designing and building different types of guns including semi-automatic pistols, revolvers, rifles, carabines, personal defence weapons, light machine guns and other types.

    Studies show that South Africa is the 20th country in the world by the total number of civilian-held legal and illicit firearms. It follows that gunsmith services are quite popular and sought after by both law-abiding citizens and criminals.

    Business Model

    ●     Gunsmith services;

    ●     Firearm repair business;

    ●     Gunsmith shop business.


    Tools & Equipment

    To run a gunsmith business, you will have to purchase some special tools. This list includes gunsmith screwdrivers, pin punches, bench blocks, hammers, callipers, files, stones, thread checkers and others.

    You’ll also have to obtain business permits and a firearm license. 


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