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  • Headstone, Gravestone & Tombstone Business

    Headstone, gravestone and tombstone business refers to manufacturing and wholesaling various stones placed over graves as well as designing and making custom headstones.

    Gravestone trends show that society’s needs are changing rapidly. Today, individualised memorials with the deceased’s name and photo are getting more and more popular.

    Business Model

    ●     Granite tombstone monument business;

    ●     Headstones and monuments business;

    ●     Tombstone specialists for hire business;

    ●     Custom headstones for graves business;

    ●     Individualised memorials and grave decorations business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a tombstone business, you will have to establish connections with granite suppliers and buy special equipment. This refers to tracer and handset chisels, plug drill bits, tapered hammer drill bits, carbide points, machine chisels, setting bars, sling yoke. For engraving, you’ll need a laser engraving, impact engraving machines and a photoceramic printer.


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