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  • Headwear Business

    Headwear business is the process of manufacturing and wholesaling different elements of clothing which are worn on one's head caps, hats, helmets, etc.

    This refers to promotional hats and caps such as hats with embroidered logos, custom patch hats, branded cold weather knits and others.

    Business Model

    ●     Headwear Manufacturing Business;

    ●     Headwear Import & Distribution Business;

    ●     Cap Manufacturing Business;

    ●     Hat Business;

    ●     Hat Manufacturers;

    ●     Ladies & Men's Hats;

    ●     Helmet Business;

    ●     Men’s Hats;

    ●     Hat Manufacturers.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own headwear business, you will have to find suppliers of linen, horse hair, cotton and other materials. Also, you might consider using polyester which is usually combined with cotton.

    To print or embroider logos, you will need a logo printing or logo embroidery machine.


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