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  • Hotel Business

    Hotel business is the process of running your own hotel, hotel school, manufacturing hotel equipment and supplies, providing hotel booking service, etc.

    This business is an inevitable part of the tourism industry. It serves ordinary people, organisations and everyone who is passionate about travelling or need a room to stay for a short period of time.

    Business Model

    ●     Hotel booking services;

    ●     Accommodation agents;

    ●     Hotels - tourist;

    ●     Hotel consultants;

    ●     Hotel equipment and supplies;

    ●     Hotel schools;

    ●     Hotels and lodges;

    ●     Hotels - residential;

    ●     Hotels - tourists.

    Tools & Equipment

    To run your own hotel business, you will have to buy or rent a building itself, get a license and purchase various tools and pieces of equipment. This refers to the commercial restaurant kitchen equipment, cooking equipment, laundry equipment, catering equipment, bar accessories, hotel operating supplies and others.


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