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  • Immigration or Emigration Business

    Immigration or emigration business refers to running your own immigration or/and emigration agency that helps people from other countries move to a permanent place of residence in South Africa as well as supports those who want to leave our country and move abroad.

    Statistics show that South Africans are emigrating abroad in record high numbers. According to recent surveys, if South Africans could choose where they wanted to move, only every seventh skilled worker would stay where they work and live now. Over 25 thousand of citizens move abroad every year.

    Business Model

    ●     Emigration and immigration business;

    ●     Business immigration consultation and representation business;

    ●     Overseas immigration services;

    ●     Passport and visa services business.

    Tools &Equipment

    To start this company, you will have to open office space and hire well-qualified lawyers, because both emigration and immigration laws are quite complicated. Also, you’ll have to get accredited and licensed to practice law.

    When it comes to equipment, nothing special is needed, just computers, laptops, cellphones, stationery.



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