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  • Industrial Cleaning Services Business

    Industrial cleaning services business is the process of providing carpet and floor care, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning windows, etc.

    It is primarily focused on commercial customers who are small business owners. Oftentimes they need specific services like cleanliness and removal of surface contaminants from metal surfaces, etc.

    Business Models

    ●     Air duct cleaning business;

    ●     Chemical cleaning business;

    ●     Thermal desorption from metal surfaces;

    ●     Cleaning of various missile systems;

    ●     Nuclear decontamination.

    Equipment & Materials

    Industrial cleaning industry differs a lot from cleaning services for individual customers. Some of the tools and chemicals needed cannot be found in traditional supermarkets.

    Tun run this business successfully and offer a wide variety of services you will need:

    ●     Industrial vacuum cleaners;

    ●     Pressure washers;

    ●     Pond vacuums;

    ●     Sweeping machines

    ●     Pipe and drain cleaners

    ●     Pressure washer accessories

    ●     Wet vacuum cleaners and accessories;

    ●     Trowels, brooms;

    ●     Wire brushes;

    ●     Adhesives, adhesive tapes, etc.


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