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  • Industrial Displays

    Industrial design business is the process of designing various products and packaging. This also refers to environmental design, graphic design, typeface design and other types.

    This business serves other businesses and is designed to improve the appearance of products and make them attractive for end-customers.

    Experts say this business might grow with the popularity of 3D printers.

    Business Model

    ●     Industrial Display Manufacture & Wholesale Business;

    ●     Industrial Display Installation, Maintenance and Repair Business;

    ●     Commercial Display Products and Solutions;

    ●     Display Designers & Producers.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start manufacturing industrial LCD monitors and displays, you will need to build an industrial factory and buy various pieces of equipment. This refers to an array processing machine, colour filter processing machine, LCD cell processing tool, polarizer attaching machines, panel surface cleaning machines and others.


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