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  • Juice Business

    Juice business refers to making fruit and vegetable juices as well as starting your own juice bar. It also refers to manufacturing and wholesaling frozen juices.

    A juice bar serves ordinary customers. A juice manufacturing company, in turn, serves retail stores, hotels, restaurants and other businesses.

    Business Model

    ●     Fruit juice business;

    ●     Vegetable juice business

    ●     Fruit and vegetable juice business;

    ●     Frozen juice business;

    ●     Fresh juice bar business;

    ●     Squashes concentrates;

    ●     Instant fruit powders.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a juice bar, you will have to rent a place, buy furniture, tables, chairs, design a bottle filling, capping and labelling table and invest in juice making equipment. This refers to industrial cold press juicers, ice machines, refrigeration equipment as well as blenders and other kitchen tools.


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