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  • Kitchen (Related) Business

    Kitchen (related) business refers to manufacturing, wholesaling and installing kitchen and cupboard doors, kitchenware and other supplies as well as doing kitchen renovation or offering kitchen canopy cleaning services.

    This business serves everyone who has a kitchen which refers to commercial customers (hotels, restaurants, cafes) and ordinary people.

    Business Model

    ●     Kitchen & Cupboard Doors Business;

    ●     Kitchen Fitting & Accessories Business;

    ●     Kitchen Renovation Business;

    ●     Kitchen Units - Manufacturing & Distribution Business;

    ●     Kitchenware Business;

    ●     Kitchen Canopies;

    ●     Kitchen Canopy Cleaning.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a kitchen related business, for example, such as kitchen renovation service, you will have to hire workers and purchase special renovation tools. This refers to pliers, oscillating tools, ladders, sledgehammers, cordless drill, measuring tape and others.

    Kitchen renovation and remodelling is a time-consuming process, so, you’ll also need working clothes and gloves.


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