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  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning Business

    Laundry and dry cleaning business is the process of washing and dry cleaning of clothing, textiles, and some shoes (sneakers). It might refer to a self-service or a full-service laundry.

    This business serves mostly residential customers living in big cities.

    Washing and the dry-cleaning industry contributes up to 6% to South Africa’s GDP.

    Business Model

    ●     Laundry Business;

    ●     Laundry Service Business;

    ●     Dry Cleaning Business;

    ●     Dry Cleaning & Laundry Equipment - Commercial & Industrial;

    ●     Ironing & Pressing Machines;

    ●     Industrial Washing Machines;

    ●     Ironing & Pressing Services;

    ●     Launderette Equipment;

    ●     Launderettes;

    ●     Laundries;

    ●     Laundry Consultants;

    ●     Laundry Detergents;

    ●     Detergents;

    ●     Laundry & Dry Cleaning Equipment - Comm & Ind;

    ●     Dry Cleaning & Laundry Equipment - Commercial & Industrial.

    Tools & Equipment

    To get involved in this business and start your own laundry and cleaning service, you need vacuum table, steam iron, cold spotting board, dry-cleaning machine, pant topper, pant press, storage rails, flat mop. In some cases, a scrubber might be needed.

    Needless to say, the most important accessories for this business are industrial washing machines.


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