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  • Letting Agent Business

    Letting agent business is the process of running your own letting agency or working an independent letting agent who helps landlords and tenants find each other and make a deal.

    This business serves ordinary people - those who let a real estate property and those who need a room for a short or long period of time.

    Business Model

    ●     Houses to let;

    ●     Flats and houses to let;

    ●     Commercial, industrial, warehouses etc.

    ●     House accommodation

    ●     House agents.

    Tools & Equipment

    Becoming a letting agent doesn’t require purchasing any pieces of equipment or special tools. But a letting agent must look like a trustworthy person. So, you might consider investing in your appearance. Nice shoes, a nice jacket, an iPhone, a car, good manners - these are your assets.

    Also, you will need a laptop, pen, notebook and other accessories.


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