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  • Life Coaching Business

    Life coach business refers to helping different types of people identify what it is they want to achieve in life as a whole or in a certain area of life and get results. This refers to personal, business, fitness and other goals. A life coach shouldn’t necessarily be a certified physician or psychologist.

    Worth being mentioned, Vusi Thembekwayo who is considered to be one of the best motivational speakers and life coaches in South Africa is also estimated to be worth over a half Billion dollars!

    Business Model

    ●     Life Coaching;

    ●     Personal Life Coaching Services;

    ●     Coaching & Mentoring Business;

    ●     Life and Career Coaching Services;

    ●     Life Coaching and Business Coaching Services.

    Tools & Equipment

    Life coaches often use different online tools that help them simplify and organise their work with clients. This refers to journaling, action brainstorming worksheet, coaching work plan tools, etc.

    The most popular online tools are Trello, Teamweek, OpenProject, Web Planning, GoalsOnTrack, Asana, AnyDo, Confluence and others.


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