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  • Lifestyle Management Business

    Lifestyle management business is the process of managing working, eating, lifestyle and other habits with the aim of improving people’s lives and helping them achieve significant results. This refers to both online and offline pieces of training, meetings and other activities.

    This business serves not only individuals (B2C model) but also organisations (B2B model).

    Business Model

    ●     Concierge & Lifestyle Management Services;

    ●     Luxury Lifestyle Management Service;

    ●     Travel Concierge Services;

    ●     Lifestyle Management Programme Online Business;

    ●     Health Behaviour Change Business;

    ●     Concierge & Lifestyle Management Company Franchise Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start your own concierge and lifestyle management service, you will have to set up a company, get certified and hire workers (psychologists, life coaches, etc). When it comes to tools, lifestyle managers often use time management apps, goals tracking apps, habits tracking software, Google Calendar, Evernote, TripSee Concierge. Also, it makes sense to join Veritamo Network which is connecting businesses and individuals in luxury travel, lifestyle management, leisure, hospitality and others.


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