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  • Lighting Business


    The lighting business is the manufacture, importation, wholesale, retail and repair of artificial light sources such as light bulbs, lamps, led panels and others in order to achieve practical aesthetic effects. This involves manufacturing and selling lighting systems and equipment for home and commercial use, serving the film industry by hiring film lighting, making and selling household light bulbs.

    Lightning is a fast-changing industry, around a decade ago, incandescent light bulbs were used at 90% of South African homes. Now they have been almost completely replaced by compact fluorescent and LED lights.


    • Lightning systems & equipment manufacture and wholesale business
    • Lighting systems & equipment installation business
    • Lighting systems & equipment rental business
    • Stage erecting & lighting
    • Film lighting
    • Light fittings
    • Emergency lighting equipment 
    • Floodlights & searchlights
    • Solar powered lights
    • LED lights


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