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  • Linen Business

    Linen business is about manufacturing, exporting and/or selling a textile made from the fibers of the flax plant. In most cases, linen refers to cloth woven from flax.

    It has been known for thousands of years, and now serves as source material for making bags, towels, bed linens, chair and wear for both men and women.

    Business Model

    Linen producing and wholesale;

    Linen producing and exporting business;

    Custom linen business cards business;

    Duvets and duvet covers manufacture and wholesale;

    l  Linen bedspreads manufacture an wholesale

    Tools & Equipment

    To grow flax for linen, you will have to buy various flax processing tools. Linen fabric is made of the cellulose fibers which grow inside of the stalks of the flax plant.

    Some of tools for harvesting and processing of flax you will need are flax ripple, flax hatchel or Hackle, distaff, scutching board, knife, etc.


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