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  • Livestock Business

    Livestock business is the process of raising domestic animals with the aim of producing meat, milk, eggs, leather and other commodities. In some cases, livestock is raised to produce labour.

    With over 40 thousand commercial farmers, South Africa can definitely be called a farming country. It’s been calculated that in our country there are over 14 million cattle heads and millions of pigs, sheep, goats, horses, chicken rabbits, ducks and other animals.

    Business Model

    ●     Livestock Farming;

    ●     Livestock Dealers / Livestock Trading;

    ●     Livestock Insurance;

    ●     Livestock Transportation;

    ●     Small Scale Livestock Farming Business;

    ●     Animal Husbandry;

    ●     Poultry and Livestock Businesses;

    ●     Sheep & Pedigree Pig Breeding Business;

    ●     Livestock Veterinary Services.


    Tools & Equipment

    Starting a livestock business requires purchasing a land plot and building a farm. Except for the licenses and permissions, you will have to get armed with passion and purchase various pieces of farming equipment.

    This refers to feeding equipment, waterers, water tanks, headgate, livestock trailer, corral system and others.


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