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  • Load Shedding Solutions Business

    Load shedding solutions business refers to manufacturing and wholesaling generators, alternators and other devices with the aim of helping customers avoid excessive loads on the generating plant during the interruption of electricity supply.

    South Africa is constantly facing electricity crisis situations. The reason is that the power utility struggles to meet demand. As a result, millions of people from different parts of the country are experiencing power outages.

    Business Model

    ●     Generators, Alternators, Lighting & Power Plant;

    ●     Solar Electric Power - Systems & Equipment;

    ●     Power Outage Supplies and Preparedness Products;

    ●     APC UPS Solutions Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start this business, you will have to obtain a license, set up a company and decide which type of generator to manufacture. Regardless of the answer, you will have to build a small plant and purchase metal and plastic working equipment.

    In case you decide to manufacture solar electric power systems, you’ll need a solar stringer machine, electroluminescence tester, silicone dispenser, sun simulator (important!), framing modules, laminators, devices for plastics cutting and others.


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