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  • Locksmith Business

    Locksmith business refers to manufacturing, wholesaling and installing various mechanisms for keeping a door fastened. This refers to locks and keys.

    Since a lock is designed to secure rooms, offices, warehouses and any other type of buildings, this business can be called a B2M opportunity (business to masses).

    Business Model

    ●     Locksmith Business;

    ●     24-hour locksmith business;

    ●     Locksmith Supply Business;

    ●     Keys & Locks;

    ●     Lock Manufacturing Business;

    ●     Lock Manufacturing & Distribution Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    The best way to start this business is to get trained at Locksmiths Association of South Africa, which was founded in 1974 and now is representing the body of this business.

    Running this business involves purchasing a Corbin plug follower, tension tool, lock and safe scope, plug spinners, safe bits, butter bits, key decoders, key hooks, key tags, drill jigs and others. Also, you might need some unusual tools such as a broken key extractor.


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