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  • Loft Construction & Conversion Business

    Loft construction and conversion business is the process of making roof rooms, domes and lofts. In most cases, this refers to transforming an empty space into a room that can be used as a study, gym, home office or a small warehouse.

    This business serves residential customers living in private houses as well as owners of multi-story houses.

    Business Model

    ●     Loft Construction;

    ●     Loft Conversion;

    ●     Roof Rooms;

    ●     Loft Design;

    ●     Loft Ladders.

    Tools & Equipment

    This business is no different from a common home repair service, which means, you will need basic tools and equipment for home. This includes wire cutters, hammers, pliers, differeте screwdrivers, adjustable wrench, saw, stable gun, cordless drill, utility knife, ladders and others.

    Also, you’ll need working clothes, glasses and gloves.


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