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  • Loose Covers Business

    Loose covers business refers to making and selling loose covers with are pieces of material placed over the top of upholstery to give it a new appearance. Typically, loose covers can be easily removed.

    Generally, this business serves those people who redesign their home but don’t want to buy new furniture.

    Business Model

    ●     Loose sofa covers and slip covers replacement business;

    ●     Custom slipcovers and couch covers manufacturing business;

    ●     DIY sofa slip covers online course business;

    ●     Slipcovers, furniture covers, pillows and home furnishings business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Making of loose covers requires investing in sewing machines, needles, side cutters, wire cutters, upholstery or industrial zippers and other tools and supplies.

    In general, you will have to hire seamstresses and tailors and start your own sewing workshop.


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