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  • Magnet Business

    Magnet business refers to manufacturing different magnets and magnetic elements such as magnetic sheeting, horseshoe magnets, computer hard-disk drives used for both practical and entertainment purposes.

    In a few words, a magnet is a special object that produces an invisible magnetic field which allows it to attract other materials such as iron, cobalt, nickel.

    Business Model

    ●     Magnets;

    ●     Magnetic Sheeting;

    ●     Lifting Magnets - Inspection, Repairs & Renovations;

    ●     Magnet Repair Service;

    ●     Magnets For Fridge Doors;

    ●     Custom Magnet and Magnetic Assembly Manufacturing.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start a custom magnet and magnetic assembly manufacturing business, you will have to build a magnet factory and establish connections with suppliers of certain ferromagnetic metals such as iron and nickel which serve as source material for making magnets.

    To process them, you will need a fridge magnet making machine, neodymium magnet making machine, machinery for making ferrite magnets and other equipment.


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