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  • Maintenance Business

    Maintenance business refers to keeping something functioning properly and preventing it from getting damaged or broken.

    There are different types of maintenance services such as corrective, preventive, predictive, periodic and others.

    Business Model

    ●     General Maintenance Business;

    ●     Aircraft Maintenance Business;

    ●     Car Maintenance Business;

    ●     Railroad Track Maintenance Business;

    ●     Software Maintenance Service

    ●     Property Maintenance Company.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start this business and run it successfully, you will have to choose one area, for instance, property maintenance, set up a company and start offering your services to clients in your area.

    For this, you will need some tools such as hammers, hacksaws, tape measure, utility knife, step stool, adjustable crescent wrench and others.

    Property maintenance, though, doesn’t necessarily imply making repairs. If something gets broken or damaged, your responsibility is to fix it.


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