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  • Marine Cleaning Services Business

    Marine cleaning services business refers to cleaning boats, private yachts and other floating crafts.

    It is primarily focused on rich people who spend their vacations near the ocean and can afford to buy and maintain a boat or private yacht.

    Business Models

    ●     Marine cleaning services business;

    ●     Boat cleaning services business;

    ●     Yacht cleaning services business;

    ●     Industrial marine cleaning services business.

    Equipment & Materials

    For boat cleaning, you will need to buy a hull cleaning system, washes, telescopic handles, rubber buckets, pad kits, other materials and work manually.

    Yacht cleaning involves using high-pressure cleaning technologies. In this case, you will have to buy

    ●     Industrial vacuum cleaners;

    ●     High-pressure vacuum cleaners,

    ●     Pressure washers;

    ●     Aluminum cleaning/restoring chemicals.

    ●     Adhesives, adhesive tapes, etc.


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