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  • Maths Tuition Business

    Math tuition refers to starting your own private educational institution and teaching math.

    Surveys show that a significant number of South Africa’s schoolchildren and students are going to become programmers, system engineers, web developers, etc. All of this can be quite difficult to achieve without proper knowledge of math. This is why math tutors are in demand in South Africa and charge more (over R200 per hour) than tutors of English and other school subjects.

    This business is a B2C business which means it serves direct customers.

    Business Model

    ●     Online Maths Tuition;

    ●     Private Maths Tutoring Business;

    ●     Maths Tuition Company Franchise Business;

    ●     Maths & Science Tuition Business;

    ●     Maths Tutors Hire Business;

    ●     Mathematics School Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Teaching math is no different from teaching English or any other school subject. You will have to rent a place in a suitable location, hire math tutors and purchase some tools and pieces of equipment. This refers to tables, chairs, whiteboards, laptops, projectors, pen and pencils, markers, erasers, laser pointers, etc.


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