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  • Mattress Business

    Mattress business refers to manufacturing and wholesaling of different types of mattresses as well as offering mattress cleaning and renovation services.

    This business serves everyone who has a bed.

    Business Model

    ●     Mattress Manufacturers & Wholesalers;

    ●     Mattresses - Retail Business;

    ●     Mattress Cleaning Service;

    ●     Memory Foam Mattress Business;

    ●     Mattress Factory Business;

    ●     Mattress Factory Franchise Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    To start manufacturing mattresses, you will need different types of machinery such as mattress border quilting machine, mattress flanging machine, mattress label sewing machine, mattress tape edge machine, tufting equipment, spring unit roll packing device and others.

    Also, you will have to decide which source material to use and establish connections with suppliers of felt, foam, cotton fibre or polyester and other chemicals fibres.


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