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  • Medical Aid Business

    Medical aid business refers to running your own company charging a certain amount of money per month for medical insurance.

    This is a long-lasting business designed to protect your customers for unexpected injuries and diseases.

    In South Africa, the average price for a medical aid plan is R1000 per month.

    Business Model

    ●     Medical Aid Consultant / Broker / Advisor Business;

    ●     Medical Aid Administration Business;

    ●     Medical Aid Debt Collecting Business;

    ●     Pet/Animal Medical Aid Business.

    Tools & Equipment

    Since medical aid business is not about treating customers but about insuring them, it can be considered a white-collar business. You will need to rent an office space, purchase office stationery, set up a company, get certified and hire insurance agents.

    Some pieces of software they might be using are Cardinal, Kindle, Genasys and others.


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